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As I said before, I wanted to create a tour poster/flyer for ‘an upcoming Malpas’ tour. I started to play around with ideas from my scamps but nothing was working visually for me. As more experimentation, I created a very familiar style (for me) of aligned type, varying in size depending on the width. I then used colour, shape, opacity and overlapping to create this series of posters – that could be applied to a wall together, or as an individual piece. The truth is I couldn’t choose between one, so I had them all.


Click the image for the high quality enlargement.


With my four covers finished, after refining them after the final session of feedback, I wanted to get them finalised and into a presentable format; either printing them and creating the CD/LP, or using and creating templates to show the outcome professionally in a digital form.

Here are the four designs as I want them to be presented:









As I had two vinyls sleeves, I wanted a box or another sleeve to contain them both for selling/posting purposes. Here is a template I created for my final sleeve:





Click the photos for high-res versions.

After developing the previous cover, I decided to make one cover per song, much like “Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. These four images below are the final developments up to the final feedback session with Jane on Thursday. I’m sure more will be added after that session, along with a poster, back cover(s) and inlays etc, and they will be featured on here after completion.

Click the image for High Res & Zoom.


Below is an design I created today for the Malpas CD Design Brief. I got the original idea from resarching current Illustrations of Rivers, where I found clipart of Mountains with rivers surrounding. I then drew myself some Mountains, and then added a ? as the river (my initial idea). I quite like this design – it’s very simple, like I wanted, but I think I can defiantly develop this and more ideas to create an even better piece.


Here are a selection of my favourite Album Covers. Many of these are in my music genre, but Hip-Hop is well known to have links with contemporary design, and I’m sure many people in the Design World will like the covers I have selected. For more information, please refer to my RVJ.




Below are a the final three images for my Exhibition I designed to inform children about ‘Visual Impairment’. There is a lot more information in RVJ, but the basis message of my exhibition is to try to inform the children about the many Visual Impairments through technology they are used to and interested in. Pieces of tech such as iPads, Cameras, Wii Games, Projectors showing films are all used. Documentation about ‘how’ each of these works is in my RVJ, but I have tried to keep things realistic whilst being creative at the same time.