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As I said before, I wanted to create a tour poster/flyer for ‘an upcoming Malpas’ tour. I started to play around with ideas from my scamps but nothing was working visually for me. As more experimentation, I created a very familiar style (for me) of aligned type, varying in size depending on the width. I then used colour, shape, opacity and overlapping to create this series of posters – that could be applied to a wall together, or as an individual piece. The truth is I couldn’t choose between one, so I had them all.


Click the image for the high quality enlargement.


Direct link to download.

Link to the bibliography (images and information used)

With my four covers finished, after refining them after the final session of feedback, I wanted to get them finalised and into a presentable format; either printing them and creating the CD/LP, or using and creating templates to show the outcome professionally in a digital form.

Here are the four designs as I want them to be presented:









As I had two vinyls sleeves, I wanted a box or another sleeve to contain them both for selling/posting purposes. Here is a template I created for my final sleeve:





Click the photos for high-res versions.