Riccardo Tisci is a 38 year old Italian Fashion Designer. In 1999, Tisci graduated from London’s Central Saint Martins Academy with a Degree in Art & Design, and in 2005 was named Creative Director for Givenchy Womenswear, and in May 2008 he was also named as menswear and accessories designer of the Givenchy men’s division. Tisci has an apparent fascination with Gothic touches and space-age minimalism, which have both drawn new attention to the Givenchy brand.

The first range, and my favourite by Tisci for Givenchy is ‘Rottweiler’ Series first featured in the Fall/Winter 2011 range. This range featured sweaters and t-shirts, all featuring the Rottweiler print, my favourite two are pictured below:



Givenchy then went on to use the Rottweiler print on a button up shirt as a second winter release in 2011, and returned in the Spring/Summer of 2012 with 15 Graphic Print T-Shirts, including one with a mixture of the Rottweiler print and a flower print, pictured below:



After the huge success of the Rottweiler print within the High Fashion and Streetwear cultures, Givenchy created a series of phone/tablet cases, wallets/purses, bags and accessories with the Rottweiler print on, and then created a Pre-Autumn Graphic Print T-Shirt range, and due to the Rottweiler dog print had being a massive success, they continued with the animal theme.

I am forever scouring eBay for ANY of the Rottweiler print T-Shirts or Sweatshirts, but with the demand being so high, whenever I can bid on an authentic item, someone in the world is always willing to outbid me. This is my favourite Givenchy range by far because it doesn’t follow the same ‘guidelines’ as many other High Fashion brands. These ranges fit in with an average outfit so easily – they are more ‘urban’ than anything Givenchy had produced before. The quality of the items is outstanding, and anyone would be very lucky to own one piece from this collection.

Another of my favourite ranges/additions from Riccardo Tisci was the Givenchy Watch The Throne Tour T-Shirts. Worn on stage by Kanye West and Jay-Z on The Throne Tour (which I was lucky enough to see), these t-shirts pictured the ‘branding’ behind Watch The Throne perfectly. As Tisci had designed the videos, the Album Cover aswell as the covers for the released singles, it fitted perfectly that he designed the clothing for the tour too. Kanye West himself was a big wearer of the Givenchy Rottweiler print, and the two ranges I have featured have many similiarities.




I am probably very biased being a huge fan of this Album and the tour, I did really like the apparel created for this tour. I don’t usually buy merchandise from concerts and tours I attend, but I would have brought T-Shirts from this tour hands down. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance, because I had a Maths Exam the following morning, as soon as the concert ended, we left very quickly and ran to the train station, so we didn’t have time to go to the stands, and being positioned in the standing stalls didn’t help. Pictured below is the T-Shirt I would brought if I had the chance at the tour (circles in red). As you can see, it is a simpler model than the tee’s worn by the artists themselves, but extremely similar and have the same style.