On Friday 8th, David Osbaldestin gave us 10 of his Design Heroes in a lecture titled “The Art of Sound – from Post Punk to Pop”. The first artist he formally talked about was a Parisian graphic designer and animator called Bertrand Lagros de Langeron, also known as SO-ME. I had seen pieces of work by SO-ME before, but I had never heard of his name. SO-ME is the art director for Ed Banger Records, a French electronic music record label run by Pedro Winter, founded by Busy P in 2003. He has created videos for Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Justice, DJ Mehdi and MGMT. In 2005, he won the MTV European award for the Justice Video “We Are Your Friends”. He is also the main designer for the clothing company CoolCats. In 2010, SO-ME directed Duck Sauce’s music video for “Barbra Streisand”, making a cameo appearance in the process. I first saw work of SO-ME in 2009, with the release of his video for Kanye West “Good Life”. After Kanye West crashed in stage at the 2007 VMA’s after loosing to Justice from one of SO-ME’s video and stating how his (Kanye’s) video cost $1,000,000 and he had “Pam Anderson and people jumping over canyons and sh!t”, SO-ME created a spoof cover from the single Justice won with (spoof featured below).



From this cover (after probably after watching the video and seeing SO-ME’s talent), Kanye West flew him over and they worked on Kanye West (featuing T-Pain) “Good Life”. This is one my favourite songs of all time, and one of my favourite videos. Screenshots featured below.





Good Life


Another of my favourite pieces of work by SO-ME were his serious of Portraits for the Studio Gallery in Toronto. As I may have said before, I am a huge fan of pieces of artwork in a series, and these are no objection, and the mix of humor and the graphic outcome is breathe taking. Pictured below are a two of my favourites.



You can view (and even buy) more here, and the sources for the photos: http://www.studio.to/gallery.html

Finally moving back to SO-ME’s work for Ed Banger Records, here is a cover/sleeve he produced as a teaser for a volume release.



I know these are all pieces David shown us on the presentation, but I have valid reason to include them all. This cover is absolutely incredible. The use of thin, bold, hand-rendered, vernacular type is brilliant  the eye is gently guided around the image – nothing is too harsh on the eye, creating a very ‘weak’ visual hierarchy, but so weak that we can just engage so very much with the design, allowing us to actually read the type, understand it, learn from it and most importantly, be excited from it. I wish I had a copy of this 12″, I think to be able to accurately distinguish the detail would make this design even more impressive.