I’m sure Erik Spiekermann will be a name you have heard of. Erik Spiekermann is a god of Typography and Graphic Design, and has been one of my heroes for many years. In 1989, Erik Spiekermann & Neville Brody created FontShop, who have produced a series of fonts and released the book FontBook. The cover is pictured below, and in itself is a wonderful piece of design. This is just my style – simple, huge amounts of white space, a thick black font, quirky design (in the overlapping of ‘front fore’, and the type coming off the page) and the use of a single colour.


Spiekermann was the designer of many fonts such as Berliner Grotesk, Lo-Type, ITC Officina Sans, ITC Officina Serif, FF Meta, FF Govan, FF Info, FF Unit, FF Meta Serif and FF Unit Slab.

FF Meta:


One of my favourite pieces of work Spiekermann produced was for Robert Bosch. Bosch had a long history of using the font Akzidenz Grotesk (Design by Berthold Type Foundry in 1896 and was the first sans serif typeface to be widely used).


As part of a new corporate branding, Robert Bosch was working on with his team at United Designers, and Erik Spiekermann was asked to imagine what Akzidenz could have been if it took a rounder, friendlier approach. The result was Bosch Sans, a simple but friendly sans with a distinctive semi-cursive italic, which later developed into a full family of type, pictured below.


Erik Spiekermann is also well known for his Information design. He has produced signage for the train systems of Germany, Airport signs and also designing a typeface for small print on Medicine Notes. Erik Spiekermann is one of my design heroes 100%, and I’m sure throughout the remaining Design Heroes lectures from our Lecturers, he will be mentioned and I hope to shown some of his work I haven’t seen before.