The second feature from this day trip comes from an artist featured at The IKON Gallery; Timur Novikov. Novikov was a Russian Philosopher, Graphic Artist, Designer, Painter, Art Theorist and Curator. He sadly passed away in 2002 aged 44. The pieces featured in the IKON were a series of big material pieces, printed on cloth, hung from the walls. In total there were about 8 pieces and an animation of one of pieces. As my Dad is a bespoke Tailor, I have always had an interest in Cloth and textiles in general. These prints were fantastically simple, but so detailed at the same time. There wasn’t a single image I didn’t like – and many of my fellow students (and lecturers) didn’t like IKON as a whole, where this exhibition stood out to me. I think I could easily recreate these piece as Vector Illustrations, and may do, because I like them that much. Picture below are photographs I took at the Exhibition of the pieces I loved.


This piece above was my favourite out of all. All the designs have an aspect of perspective or shape – like setting the scene. Many of his pieces feature horizons, such as the Aeroplane Design above. This is one I really want to persue into Vector Design. The contrast between the yellow ‘sunset’ sky and the blue and white stripes (which is coincidentally my football team’s colour’s) is amazing. The detailed print of the aeroplane taking off (or coming to land) is fantastic. There is also a ‘signature’ of type at the bottom in the center (which appears somewhere in every single piece), which I also think is wonderful – it just adds a personal element.


This Image was the design I mentioned that was animated. The design features black and white halfes with penguins jumping from the white into the black. The Animation was a simple stop frame animation of penguins coming into the canvas and jumping into the ‘sea’. There is also type on this design in the centre, which just adds a little personality.


This final image just shows the detail of the prints on each piece of cloth. This design was below waist level so I was lucky enough to get an in focus photo on my phone (where the other two were well above my head). I think these prints would be done by some sort of mono print (or a similar technique), as from looking there is no resin left on the cloth, and the print is very smoothe so I doubt it would be paint.

Overall, I really enjoyed looking through Timur Novikov’s work. I had never heard or seen any of his designs again, but the very first thing I thought about was the Vector ‘translation’ of these, so I might study my photos and create some images in Illustrator and post them back here.