As part of our Uni course, we went on a day trip to two galleries – IKON Gallery & Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. Eva Weinmayr was an artist featured in BMAG, and was one of my favourites designers of the day. ‘Today’s Question’ – the series featured in BMAG (pictured below) uses simple colour palettes in each design. As you can see, her style is very simple and clean – the designs themselves each feature one individual typeface. The theme of the designs are a question followed by two ‘buttons’ – offering the answers. They usually are all quite quirky, and suggest the things wrong within the society of today. I could use the phrase ‘white-space’ to critique these designs, but Eva Weinmayr often uses a 1/3 grey as the backgrounds to her design, and then a strong, bright colour, usually primary or secondary, as the font colour and detail.


I am a huge fan of series’ in Graphic Design – like when an artist does a series of images (more than 2/3) and they all match in both design and ‘meaning’. The little things, like the ‘shadow’ on the buttons to show the depth, and the uniformed recantangle background for the main question, make this set of designs very clever and effective. I would love to see more of these designs come from Eva Weinmayr, and I hope they get the recognition they deserve. A simple idea makes a design, in my opinion.


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