My first memory of Piet Mondrian was in my first years of high school – so around 6/7 years ago. We were doing basic creative tasks in an Art lesson, and we had to put coloured squares on a black piece of paper to create a grid. I have searched through my old high school work, but I can’t find anything that resembles this memory. I also referenced Mondrian in my early GCSE work, but the first piece I can show you is from my very first task in A-Level Graphics at College. Pictured below, are mounted outcomes of tasks we had to do combining collaged materials, type, shape,textures, effects and a Mondrian Grid. They aren’t the pieces of work I am ‘proud’ of, but it’s the type of thing I will always keep to show my journey through Design.


Back onto the man himself, Piet Mondrian, 1872-1944, was a Dutch Painter, who focused on visible grids/lines that created recantangles and squares which he usually selectively filled with the Primary Colours of Red, Blue and Yellow. Mondrian was also a huge lover of ‘White Space’ and minimalism, which I can relate to in my work. The grids he features in his designs are predominantly black outlines, sometimes varying in thickness, that define the shapes throughout the piece and allowed him to create an array of beautifully structured pieces. As I said, I have been a huge lover on Mondrian for many years, but one of my favourite elements or uses of his work is for interior design. As seen below, I just think his work suits ‘space’ so perfectly. With the type of structured design that he produced, I don’t think you can give the canvas a ‘limit’, so I think putting it in a 3D space that all ‘links’ – like the six inner walls of this room, works perfectly. I would love to have a studio, or even a bedroom just like this.


This makes me think how can such a set of monumental designs, can look better to ‘me’ when they are not in the original ‘medium’ – or maybe Mondrian designed them to be like that – a universal piece of design. Mondrian will always be a huge inspiration to me, and I hope that he will be a constant influence on me in the future, as he is for sure, one of my design heroes.