Stefan Sagmeister is well known for his typographic experiments. Once again, I had never heard of Sagmeister, but when I saw certain pieces of his work, such as the words being spelt out in between the trees. After viewing the full presentation, this wasn’t the reason I liked Sagmeister. We were shown the slides about Sagmeister chronologically, so we saw his early work first. We were told that the first project Sagmeister did was branding himself, where he created a business card and type logo, focusing on the letter S. This work in particular really stood out to me. I love his use of simple design; in particular the way he used the dual layers that could be overlapped (as shown below).


We were then shown more of Sagmeister’s experimental typography work. I really enjoyed watching the video’s that showed his process to create the letterforms; which could easily be shown as the outcome as a still image or the full footage, and I think even with my simplistic, spacious style, I could emulate something like this, if it suited the project, or just for fun. I’ve always wanted to have an outcome that shows my process, like a time lapse, so I’m sure at some point I will try this.

We then moved back onto Sagmeister’s Logo Design, this time for EDP, the Portugese energy company. After watching this video I fell in love. There is something about this video/design that really inspires me. The illustrative side of this video is really stunning, and I have watched this video many times after the lecture to get inspired – just purely because it makes me ‘happy’. The logo’s are stunning (pictured below). It’s the little things that make me so intrigued by this design, such as the shadows under the images, give the sense they are hovering through their own ‘energy’. The overlapping and opaque element of the shapes is also stunning; the shapes all give a really fluid geometric outcome; each shape looks pure – quite natural, like a flower, but in a such ‘current’ and up to date style.


I can now honestly say, Sagmeister has given me a new outlook on logo design – another element/style to have a play with, and see what I can produce. Whether this will be in a project at Uni, work for my clothing line or a ‘rebrand’ for myself, I’ll be sure to experiment with Sagmeister’s techniques I featured above.

I’ll now move on to Jane’s second hero; Kate Moross. We had seen some of Kate’s work in a previous lecture; the piece of advertising she has produced for Cadbury’s. Whenever I see a design (in one of these informative lectures) that I have seen in the real world (on my travels, on TV, in the newspaper etc), I am always intrigued to find out more. This piece is absolutely incredible; the “one and a half glasses of milk” logo makes this design for me. It’s another logo that I absolutely love; the use of positive and negative, and then the way this logo ‘flows’ or ‘spills’ into the design is absolutely timeless in my opinion. I’ve heard we have a brief on branding for Cadbury’s, so this has inspired me to think about some designs I could do.


I’ve talked about two great users of typographers in this entry, and it’s really inspired me to try to use my own unique typography in an illustration. Hopefully I’ll get a chance through these four briefs, but if not, I’ll be sure to try something out over Easter or the Summer, and post them on this blog.