The first principle I focused on was Delivery. There are many different platforms that Illustrators, Designers, photographers, Typographers etc. can use to deliver their communication, and this has a massive effect on the piece of work. There are so many different platforms that a designer can aim to produce for, such as Editorial; Magazines, Journals, Newspapers, Blogs, Publishing; Books, Posters, Leaflets, Digital based, such as Animations and Interactive Media, Fashion – patterns, designs for wallpapers and fabrics for fashion, Installations and Interventions such as environments for retail and architectural projects, and many more. In current times, a lot of these platforms are linked and intertwined – such as magazines, which could digital based – like us as students are doing for our group projects, or an actual printed magazine, where things like paper type/thickness/gsm and actual size are more of a reality. Illustrator Luke Brookes creates Illustrations that can (and have) been broadly used on many different media and platforms. Some of his recent work, photographed below, has been used on furniture for IKEA for the Rarekind 25th Anniversary Live Draw. Luke has also illustrated for children’s books, such as Mammoth & Co; Littlest Mammoth – The Journey Begins, pictured below. This shows how a creatives style can be easily be manipulated and they can easily select the appropriate format.

My second principle is Medium – looking at the forms that Illustrators, Designers, Photographers and Animators use to promote and represent themselves. In this very digital based age, most creatives will be using a digital means to promote themselves – whether it be a website, blog, online store or any (or all) of the wide range of social media platforms. There are also professional organisations, such as the AOI, that Illustrators use to represent themselves, along the many other bodies and organisations that represent all creative people. Creatives can also help each other out, by featuring other illustrators on their own blog/site. A lot of Designers/Illustrators still use the original methods to publicize themselves, such as postcards, flyers, leaflets; which would all include similar things to a website, but in an un-interactive form.  I think as a designer, I would use all of the above media, as each has its own benefits. A website or blog is more used when people are looking for you; if someone has seen a piece of your work in a magazine, they could find your name, search for your site and they would find you within seconds, whereas postcards and flyers can be seen to be you advertising yourself to the receiver, as they may of previously never heard of you or seen your work.


Photos were from Luke’s personal Facebook and his website and I have got permission off Luke himself to write about him and use the photos.