On Wednesday 17th, Me and my group met up and ventured into Digbeth. This was the first time we met as a group and ventured off the uni campus. We planned to go twice, both Wednesday prior, but people were busy each week. We started by meeting in the center of Birmingham, and working our way into Digbeth, going through the markets and into the Custard Factory. As it was one of my times going into Digbeth (in the day light), it really helped to find out what was ‘really’ there. I originally thought that Digbeth didn’t include as much art as it really did, and I found this very interesting. As street art is one of my many passions, I enjoyed walking around seeing many different forms of art – ranging from illegal graffiti to commissioned pieces. On that day, we couldn’t find the store ‘Graffiti4hire’, which we had discussed in our group about featuring in our magazine, so I know we will be going back in the very near future. A lot of the shops in Digbeth as a whole were Vintage based, and I think a lot of this will be featured in many of our fellow pupils magazines, so I don’t think we will venture into these in as much detail as we originally thought. There was an interesting Skate-based store in Custard factory, which featured many items from the stake culture; shoes, decks, grips etc, and also many items based around the culture, such as hats, band merch, stickers, posters, magazine and much more. I think we will re-visit this shop on our next visit, and speak to the owners if we arrange some photographs and interviews.